Freelance Sr. UI/UX Designer. Focused on Websites, Apps & Software since the 56K era. Problem solving through design and technology.

User Experience and Interface Design, Digital Brand Foundations, Design Systems, Wireframing & Prototyping

2024 ¬
TRUST/KaKu – Wunder

2023 ¬

ODIDO — Code D'Azur
KNVB — LiebeLeute
(secret) — INDG
Medip Analytics

2022 ¬
KLM — Code D'azur
Philips — Code D'azur
KPN — Achtung! Dentsu

2021 ¬
Victron Energy — Ronin Amsterdam
G-Star — Ronin Amsterdam
DOLE — Superhero Cheesecake
Deloitte — ACNE
SOPHY — Safran Group & Undagrid

2020 - 2010 ¬
Achtung!, Adidas, AKQA, Code D'Azur, Forty, Greenberry, dentsu/Isobar, Kokoro, NEEW, Ronin, TBWA, VICE, Clockwork Superherocheesecake, Y&R, PR Bureau, Kokoro, Qikker, Ice Media, Likefriends, Brand Republic, New People, Brandstichting, Brand Base, Macaw, Social Embassy, Timm & Pimm, CHEEL, First Day of Spring, Monitorlinq, Oculus Tech., Superheroes, The Student Hotel, Commandos, Publicis, Social Inc, Roughmen, Etcetera, Yachtclud, Aimforthemoon, OneXP, Undagrid, Studio Kraftwerk, Forty, JohnnyWonder, Viable, Tosti, Shoq, Wallboard, GoSpooky, FX Agency



Resume (PDF) on request 

ODIDO – 2023

In a 6 month project for Code D'azur, I undertook a pivotal design role in the design team of Odido, a brand new telco provider in the Netherlands. My responsibility was to pioneer the digital design direction, leading to the creation of the B2C website, odido.nl and setting the tone for Odido's entire digital presence. The design for the B2C website served as a beacon, guiding and inspiring other designers on various teams. It became the foundational piece for the development of a comprehensive design system, ensuring consistent aesthetics and user experiences across various touchpoints.

Role: Art Direction, Design


In this project I was responsible for the UI/UX design of the Greenchoice app, collaborating closely with the development team and client stakeholders. The app, designed and developed with Qikker, encourages energy savings through a user-friendly experience. Designed and refined in sprints over three years of data and user testing. It's widely used, achieving an average 15% energy savings. The app offers real-time energy data, solar investment insights, device-specific consumption breakdowns, engaging energy-saving challenges, and customizable dashboards with account management features.

Role: UX/UI

100WEEKS – 2021-2022

100WEEKS is dedicated to empowering women in extreme poverty by providing them with 100 weeks of consistent, modest cash transfers and coaching. This support fosters economic independence and improved living conditions, enabling women to invest in income-generating activities, education, healthcare, and essential needs, creating lasting positive change.

I worked with 100WEEKS to define solutions from the ground up to digitalise and simplify the candidate selection and onboarding process. Mitigating the burden of paperwork and manual input of data, reducing email traffic, enhancing security against human errors, and overcoming technological challenges for usable software in remote parts of Africa. The app is to be designed to be lightweight and functional to optimise the experience on old devices with limited connectivity. The look and feel has is kept colourful and bold, yet simple and contrast rich for easy use in outdoor environments.

The outcome of this effort has allowed the NGO to extend its reach and support much more women without increasing administrative overhead.

Role: UX/UI


Symetric is a nautical information device to answer the demand for new luxury technology onboard boats & yachts. This physical product has been designed to blend in with the most sophisticated of interiors. Symetric is easily mounted on the wall or used as a free-standing device, with nautical information presented on a subtle information screen.

This product was developed in with Stefan v Cleef (industrial design), Martin Bartels (hardware/software). Acquired by Yachtcloud in 2020

Role: UX, UI


YIS (Yacht Information System) is the ultimate luxury yacht infotainment system accessible anytime, anywhere. Available as a TV channel and intuitive app, YIS is a user-friendly digital platform allowing owners and guests to be part of the journey: from diving into the mechanical details of the yacht to following each superyacht journey in real-time.

Role: UX, UI


Nickelodeon's Erecode is an adventure show with a second-screen mobile app. Kids at home can play along with the questions and puzzles to win medals. Very rare medals can only be unlocked in the theme park 'Efteling' where the show is filmed.

I was asked by Superhero Cheesecake to visually design the app, improve UX and help with thinking of fun animations to appeal with the target group.

Role: UX, UI


Medip Analytics is a pioneering startup in the medtech and biotech sector. I collaborated closely with the founders to design their new innovative software tool.

The project involved organising a comprehensive design process. The journey started with research and interviews, giving clear insights into the business’ needs, user needs and market dynamics. I facilitated presentations to distill these insights and align design explorations and vision. Transforming ideas into tangible solutions, building both low and high-fidelity prototypes in Figma that brought the concepts to life. To enhance efficiency and consistency, I set up a design system to ensure cohesion across the software and setting the foundation for future applications.

Role: UX, UI


OMNIYON is a cutting-edge media and control system designed for luxurious environments. It is build to integrate media and comfort controls into a user-friendly tablet and mobile app. Unifying all aspects of media, room devices, room controls, and service call functions within a single, intuitive interface.

I worked with Yachtcloud to redefine the user experience and visual design. Through a process of wireframing, user feedback, and prototyping this collaborative effort has yielded a completely new design optimized for televisions, tablet and mobile devices.

Role: UX, UI


Undagrid is the global digitalization supplier to Safran for the ‘connected trolley’ program, as part of their global connected cabin strategy. The award-winning SOPHY solution consists of purpose-built blocks for use in aviation, geolocalization and various tools.

I took charge of establishing a design process for the App. Conducting stakeholder interviews, developing flowcharts, writing user stories, creating prototypes, and ultimately designing the application.

Visualisation disclosed, read more about the project here.

Role: UX, UI


During a three month collaboration with Monitorlinq I worked on Lifelinq — a solution to empower individuals with reduced autonomy, granting them the freedom to live safely and independently within the comfort of their homes. The App I designed for Lifelinq embodies an approachable, engaging, yet modern aesthetic. As the lead designer, I helped define the look and feel for this product and products to come.

Role: UX, UI